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If you want to see all the places I worked, Here is my online resume

I spend my time after work with my family and having fun on my ham radio.  
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I live in the west Atlanta area, near Six Flags.  There are lots of things to do in Atlanta, other that sit in one of the busiest airports in the world .  I graduated here in electrical engineering from what is now Kennesaw State University.   

Atlanta Skyline



I'm 54 now, but I've had the old man's hobby of Ham Radio since I was 22.  Just for fun, many of us still use morse code but I love using some of digital modes that let us do texting like a cell phone, send Email, and even transmit photos.  Here is a typical text chat:



Love of radio is why I went to college and became an electrical engineer.  I now work making Satelite radio equipment like this one:


I also worked on certification of this blow-up portable satcom dish:

GATR Antenna


icom radio

Now that I'm home, I plan to do some hiking in the north GA area.  Here are a few places that I plan to go:


My brother Rick lives in Gatlinburg about 3 hours north, and has been sending me camping gear. It's fun doing some overnights in the Smoky Mountains


I've been all over this great nation, so I may have been to your hometown.  I'll post some of the wonderful places that I've been here at a later date.